Social Media

All too often businesses fail before anyone knows they existed. Are you utilizing all the tools to network with your niche market? It is not as much about advertising as it is about connecting with the right target people. Social media is about building a connection between you and those that want, need or are looking for what you provide.start up cartoon¬†Statistics show social media plays a very big role in today’s small business. Is your business benefitting?

  • Lead-to-close rate is 100% on social media than traditional marketing methods (Source: Socialmediatoday).
  • 80% of customers on social networks prefer to connect themselves to brands through Facebook (Source: Socialmediatoday).
  • 53% of small businesses use social media as an engagement tool for providing 2-way conversation customer support (Source: Socialmediatoday)
  • 46% of online users are counting on social media before making purchase decision (Source: Neilsen).
  • 71% of users of social media websites say that they are more likely to purchase products from the brand they follow online on different social media websites (Source: Digitalsherpa).
  • 15% of customers use social media websites to search for local businesses. This is biggest advantage to local and small businesses (Source: Digitalsherpa).
  • 63% of users prefer businesses with the information that can be easily accessed on the social media websites (Source: Digitalsherpa)